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The Host's Butler

The Short-Term Butler Leasing Service

The Host's Butler is a modern take on Butler Service, designed for facilitating the desires and demands of today's world. Providing sophisticated and refined service with modern charm and class, without the stiff and outdated approach that is often associated with the word "Butler".

 In very simple terms, we offer "Rent-a-Butler" services, dipped in luxury.

High end service on hourly or daily rates.



We cater to all our clients requirements, delivering exceptional experiences in short doses on hourly or day rates. Ranging from relieving some of the burdens of hosting at dinner parties and events, allowing the host to transform into a guest at their own function for the evening. To corporate and business scenarios such as providing bespoke hospitality to impress a visiting prospective client for their stay while in your care. As well as accompanying individuals or groups on business trips domestically & internationally.


We also assist with longer engagements such as villa, chalet and yacht holidays around the world.


We provide the Modern Butler service to fit in seamlessly as a bolt on to your current plans, whatever they are, wherever they are, levelling up your service experience. Whether it's for you, your guests, your clients or your family. You will learn what it is to have the service you never knew you needed.

We also offer "Good People For Good People" - An exclusive network of PLU's and like minded individuals, completing tasks for one another, offering peace of mind.


Reach out to us for any enquiries and further details on pricing & availability

Freelance butler charming guest


We Offer Whatever You Need, Just Get In Touch

Dinner party with freelance butler to serve drinks


Impressing Your Guests & Stress Free Hosting 

Experience the luxury of having a Modern Butler without the year-round commitment.

Engage a "Modern Butler" for an evening to help you host any event, ensuring every glass is filled and every guest is warmly welcomed with a charming smile. Relieve yourself of the stress associated with hosting, whether it's a dinner party or your daughter's wedding.


Our skilled and professional Modern Butler can be there either exclusively for you, attending to all your personal needs on an important day. Or to impress your guests with your staffing resources, making sure everyone has been offered all the canapés and of course helping you do the washing up once everyone has gone!

Private villa with rented butler


Discrete & Professional Service  

Elevate your holiday experience with our flexible and dynamic Modern Butler service, slotting into any scenario and ensuring every aspect of your holiday feels uniquely special as we wait on you hand and foot. 

We accompany you on your independently booked holiday, taking it to a new level of sophistication and service. For example, assisting with your food & wine service for long and enchanting lunches and dinners when you don't need to lift a finger during a week-long ski chalet getaway with friends.


Or to accompany your young family on vacation, granting you the freedom to enjoy cocktails at sunset as a couple in peace whilst the children's supper is covered. We provide the perfect staff to cater to your specific requirements.



Building Client Relations & Aiding Senior Executives

Our team collaborates with businesses both domestically and internationally to assist in delivering unparalleled hospitality to their clients whilst in their care.


If you have important international clients visiting for a few days, whether it be for contract negotiations or product viewings, provide a superior experience and go the extra mile with your customer relations.


Employ our services to host them in their accommodation for their stay. We work with private chefs to put on luxury dining experiences and cover all their needs from personal errands to whisky and cigar service. Get the contract signed while they're still wallowing in the level of care and attention they have received.

We also accompany Senior Executives on business trips, helping them to focus on the important bits while we sort everything else. Modern Butlers are dynamic and resourceful with fantastic people skills, everything you want from a right hand man while you're concentrating on contracts.

Private jet


Beautifully Personalised

Ultimately, our services are based entirely around you and what you need. 

There are no boxes that outline what we do and don’t offer, it’s all crafted from a conversation with you and building a picture of how we can serve your requirements best. 

A dynamic approach to facilitating all of your needs, together. 


Good People For Good People

Image by Quino Al


To request to view our pricing structure or to find out more, please get in touch via email or the form below.

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