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Good People For Good People

A reliable network of trusted, vetted & like minded people to carry out your tasks you'd only trust a friend with. All with peace of mind.


Often we find ourselves the other side of the country when a new airbnb tenant books and you can't be there to greet them. Or you need something important flown out to you in a different country but you don't want to tell DHL your house security code to pick it up...

We are surrounded with options like, air tasker, task rabbit and bark.

But the thing in common with all these options, is that you would much rather have a PLU help with the task.

Why? Because you trust good people....

Creating Trust

We interview and review anyone who applies to work within our network, as well as vetting them through character and employee references to ensure our people are only good people, for good people.

Request a Good Person

Fill out the form with as much detail as you are prepared to give and we will match you with a Good Person we think will be the right fit for your task.

Upload File

We are on it...

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